B-Series Technical Specifications

Imported Accessories
Double Glazing with 2 or 3
Aluminum profile which can be painted by 180 different colors
Special E.P.D.M. Fuse
Heat Room which is with 2 partitions
Aluminum Profile which has special water discharge channels
Laminated Solid Wood
Special Architrave Model
Produce Features

B series are made up with special design profile alumınıum and solid woodwork. Solid woods which are laminated are made up with imported pine, limba and mahogany. Profile aluminıum which is rounded up gives the product an attractive look. Woodworks on the product are highlighted. Losing temperature is minimized because of its triad holes. On the product which has fuse system with three entrances there are special water canals which are designed by Alkosan for unloading. Woodwork pine laths are put together by special adaptor instead of screws or nails. So the negatives effects of screws and nails are eiminated.

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