Company Profile

Our company was established in 1968 as Koçyiğit Furniture Industry. In 1989,in order to obtain a corporate identity, the name of the company was changed as Alkosan, The CERTIFICATE OF COMPANY TİTLE REGISTRATION was taken in 1994.

In 1979, Alkosan presented a project namely Wood Joint Aluminum window, which has been developed from 1980 to current days. It brought convenience and modernity to our lives and provided in service by the highly accelerated technology speed. Alkosan has obtained the patent, conceptionand useful model certificates of the window system of Wood Joint Aluminum.

Alkosan Wood + Aluminum Window and Door System has proved it's quality and reliability by the certificate for 10 years production warrant obtained from the Ministry of Industry for the first time in Turkey. First class materials have been used in the products. Glass material being used in the system is manufactured by insulated glass factories. All materials related to the system have been guaranteed by the manufacturers.

Alkosan, which brings the customers with this genuine product integrating the aesthetic that can be used without being worn out for long years, with technology and unlimited imagination opportunities in architecture, will continue to its services without giving concession, with its TSE production adequacy and ISO 9002 certificates Alkosan has continuedto its high speed uptrend with higly qualified customer services and quality since 1983. By improving its own system of Wooden + Aluminum composite window, which was invented with excellence concept, more and more with each passing year, Alkosan has opened to the foreing markets in 1994.

Alkosan, which is also one of the demanded trades in the foreing markets due to its high quality, takes its steps towards future in confidence through its references and current works.

Alkosan goes forward in its way with its 40 years of experience and with the right pride of success. The company takes pride in increasing its investments and contributing in the economy of the country with improving customer portfolio in foreing markets by creating Alcowin trademark within the structure Alkosan in 2004.

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